What is a Voice Over IP Phone Service?

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Whether you’re a business owner or in need of an inexpensive phone service, you may have heard of VOIP and have wondered whether it was the right option for you. VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, allows you to use a phone service that is conducted through a standard Internet connection. 

Unlike getting phone services through a traditional phone service, VOIP services are often cheaper and more secure.  A growing number of companies and private individuals are looking into VOIP as a way to bolster their phone security and save money. You just may be one of them – See our updated list of the best VoIP services for 2017, which is updated monthly.

Imagine being able to use encrypted lines and have unlimited access to flexible payment options. That could be your office phone system and it’s no longer just a pie-in-the-sky idea.

More than 29 million people all over the globe are already using VOIP phones. IP traffic related to VOIP phones is expected to triple within the next few years. VOIP is a hot industry, now valued at over $60 billion. No wonder more and more consumers are eager to jump in and explore the wonders of this type of communication systems, which includes different products like online fax services

It’s no secret that phone lines, especially if you’re a business owner, can get expensive when you’re adding multiple people or devices to one line. VOIP services allow you to save both time and money. 

No more hassling with Verizon or Comcast to figure out how to set up your office’s phones. No more dealing with roaming charges and costly international calls. Welcome to the future. And in the world of phones, things are looking bright with VOIP on the scene. In fact, there are a number of different types of services that you’ll need to know before you dive into the vast world of telecommunications.voip services

For instance, we have the ATA voice over ip lines, or analog telephone adaptors, and  SIP Trunking Providers. This style of VOIP tends to be most popular with businesses due to the fact that it allows users to connect a standard phone to a computer in order to use an online connection. There’s no need to buy new headsets or new equipment. It can often take only a few moments to convert your current office into a VOIP enabled system.

Another popular type of service is computer-to-computer based. Just as its name implies, computer-to-computer VOIP enables you to use specialized software to make local and long-distance phone calls. This is one of the most commonly used types of VOIP and it’s the type services like Skype or Jive offer to customers.

There are a couple other types out there, including IP Phones, which are physical phones that use Ethernet connections. But it’s ATA and computer-to-computer that we’re most concerned with and what you’re most likely to encounter as you start doing research about what options are available to you. Do these providers offer virtual PBX services or whatever else you need to keep your business running smoothly?

At VoIP Service Insider, we understand what it takes to source a fantastic service that not only gets the job done; but does so in an affordable, reliable and trustworthy manner. We test, evaluate and review a variety of service providers to help you to make your decision – and whether you’re looking for the cheapest provider with the most basic features, or if you’d prefer the fullest package that caters to all of your professional needs; you’re bound to find the one that you’re looking for here.

We’re unbiased, honest and more than happy to advise you on the best VOIP services out there. There’s no provider that we haven’t tested first hand, and although our experiences with each and every one of them will vary – our reliability will always remain the same.

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